Official Screen Credits for Academy Awards Consideration
Please note that the Academy is not yet accepting Official Screen Credits submissions for the 2014 87th Academy Awards.

Each year, Academy Awards are presented for outstanding individual or collective efforts in up to 25 categories. The nominees for each category are determined by members of the relevant Academy branch.
To be eligible for most Academy Awards categories, a feature film must open during the calendar year in a commercial motion picture theater in Los Angeles County and play for seven consecutive days.
The producer or distributor of the film must then fill out an Official Screen Scredits (OSC) form which provides the Academy with full, verified production credits in all the fields in which Oscars are awarded. Submission of this form is an important step to qualifying a film and its creators for Academy Awards. Special rules apply to awards in the Documentary, Foreign Language, Animated Feature and Short Film categories. For a complete set of rules, please refer to the Rules & Eligibility page.
Information from the credits forms is also used for nominations announcements and press releases, as well as for the Scientific and Technical Awards, historical records and the Academy's Motion Picture Credits Database.